Friday, April 1, 2011

Walking On Water?

She can can't she! Well close to it!

Belinda surfs with style, grace, poise & elegance.

Stoked to just capture a few of her up in Noosa, this one, a little different for me so I thought I'd share it. Yew


  1. Nice! One of the best, most unique surf shots I've seen in a long time. Classic.

  2. Amazing shots mate and thanks so much for hooking up with James, he's back and stoked. You've got me all stoked to get going now the booats and gloves are off and I have an SPL housing to play with. . All the best, and thanks again, Russ

  3. Thanks Keith, you are too kind.
    and Russ...
    Stoked to get to know James, such a good guy, stoked you've got a housing, look forward to see what you come up with, its so much fun shooting in the water... I'm about to upgrade mine also...
    Hopefully get to catch up with james on a trip in the next 12 months also...
    catch ya pal