Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nasal Champ 2011

I was a little unlucky with Harrison this Noosa.... I didn't seem to cross his path too many times, but when I did , I was very lucky.... 3 times only, all memorable....... a late arvo session at Little Cove that was off its you know what, with guys ripping it up in front of the lenses of Woods, Considine, Roxburgh & yours truly, and Harry flying through the lineup on his KOOKBOX log.... the first pic below from that session.... and then 2 noserider heats, the qrt final, saturday arvo, I'm in crap from the wife for taking photos all day, but decide to stay out on the sandbank waste deep in water to get up close with the noseriders.... I would have paid money it was that good to watch.... it was raining, windy and I'm sure people thought me & the Japanese photographer who were out there were nuts, but we had a ball, and then the final, same place, next day, no rain, Harrison pics off the only 3 or 4 great waves of the entire final and racks up some ridiculous amount of tip time, see bottom pic from final.... a pleasure watching him surf.... just wished I would have been lucky enough to capture some shots from the water with him on the outer points.... maybe next year!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

James Parry

U.K longboard Champ, hot logger & all round nice guy James Parry has been on our shores for the last month, sampling the waves mostly at Byron and Noosa. English Photographer Russ Pierre ( you can view his stuff at BRIGHTBOX ) introduced me to James and we got to shoot a little, share a few beers and did a lot of yewing! James is currently in the middle of a 30 something hour Journey home, safe travels mate and look forward to catching up again soon!


Chono, Chonoski, Matty C, whatever you want to call him, put in some serious hours in the water at Noosa, I'll go out on a limb and say more than any other, but I wasn't there to see everything.

I shot a few sessions with Matt in the water at Johnsons & Tea Tree and one memorable surf on a small day where I paddled out on my high tide 10 footer and shared a few hours with Matty, Ellis and few others.... ripping all week mate! Yew

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Jared Mell is currently in Oz, where I was fortunate enough to catch up and shoot with him a few times in Noosa. The main pic below was shot by me in the water, and my youngest, 14 year old Jessica, happened to be on the rocks at Little Cove and snapped the inset pic... yew!

Brett Caller - Noosa Trip

Well I've been up at Noosa and the Gold Coast for the past 3 weeks, and yes, I had an awesome time before you all ask me... ha

Got some cool pics along the way so I thought I'd post a few each day for the next week, to keep you stoked and me not down in the dumps about returning to work... bluk!

The first pics are of good mate & Urunga native, but now Byron Bay shredder & TCSS rider Brett Caller.

Bretto was ripping on his old mal all week and as it was his Birthday yesterday ( happy birthday mate ), I thought I'd start with a couple of him from consecutive arvo sessions at Johnsons! Yew bro!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Noosa Bound

Off to the Noosa Festival of Surfing & The Malfunction, away for the next 18 days. Shooting will be the order of the trip with a surf only possible if its 1ft due to my shoulder.
Will try & do daily posts whilst I'm up there.
A pic of my quiver for this years festival! Yew!

Monday, March 7, 2011

3 More Sleeps

till we head north for 18 days, with Noosa the first stop for the Festival of Surfing.
Jack Lynch hanging on in last years Noserider...yew!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Boards for Jako

Jordie dropped Jako in a new HP on his way up the coast, how sick is the art huh! And below is Jake's newly acquired George Rice Old Mal that is so sick I'll be pinching it for a ride... sickest shape and feels so good in the hands..... bring on Noosa and the Gold Coast... even with a dud shoulder I'll sneak a wave or 2 in if there's a day with some peelers... yew

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jordie, Scotty & BJ come to town

Jordie, BJ and Scotty Wintle paid Cronullafornia a visit this morning on
their trek to Noosa, dropping of Jake's George Rice Old mal that he purchased from Vico as well as a new HP that has the most insane "Day of The Dead" artwork courtesy of Connie on it
( I'll post a pic up of that later ).
As is the case normally when Jordie comes to town he is greeted with ripples to ride, and today was no different. Beautiful morning and water like a council paddling pool ... too warm!
The boys shared and sampled some of the North Cronulla Kiosks finest brekky & brew, before continuing their journey north. See you boys again in Noosa late next week... YEW!
BJ soaking up the morning sun after a long drive
Peelers for Jordie
Jake familiarising himself with George Rice
Scotty Cross Steppin on a High Tide Log