Friday, May 21, 2010


Jake & I met up with Yeti thursday morning to get a few waves. I wasn't expecting much given the southerlies blowing on the days previous and the mega amount of rain we'd received.
Much to my surprise the water wasn't that bad and the wind was offshore which gave us some fun waves to play in. Greg "Macca" McCarthy was on hand to capture the beautiful sunrise and snap a few of those in the water. For more of Greg's images go to

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i was sick.....

last friday so decided to stay warm instead of hitting the surf, which , look liked a bit of fun mind you, and wasn't too happy with my decision after watching the boys have a bit too much fun!
I stayed out of the brisk morning breeze hidden down behind the rocks and snapped a few shots before droping Jake at school. Wylie Fowler was tearing it up, finding most of the sets waves and just cutting loose, with Jake picking off some nice ones as well.
Jake's posted a few pics on ilog as well.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Magoo . . . you've done it again!

We hit the Central Coast on the weekend for the Magoo Charity Classic, a comp we have been attending for the past few years. We were blessed with awesome conditions for the most part and we were again lucky enough to stay with our good friends the Nixon family.
$15,000 was raised for Cancer research and a great weekend had by all.
We'll be there again for sure in 2011.
Nick Farago Layback in the U21's Final
Jakey Boy in the Old Mal
Former Norah Head, now Goldie shredder, Beau Nixon
Umina's Hayden Emery about to visit the Green Room
Freshwater Stylemaster & Eventual Open winner Lawrence Harkness

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Check out the blog of UK Photographer Russ Pierre.... I just stumbled across Russ' blog, and it seems as though he happened to like a few of my pics from Noosa this year... see his posts from late March..... Nice stuff Russ. Russ Pierre Blog!