Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nasal Champ 2011

I was a little unlucky with Harrison this Noosa.... I didn't seem to cross his path too many times, but when I did , I was very lucky.... 3 times only, all memorable....... a late arvo session at Little Cove that was off its you know what, with guys ripping it up in front of the lenses of Woods, Considine, Roxburgh & yours truly, and Harry flying through the lineup on his KOOKBOX log.... the first pic below from that session.... and then 2 noserider heats, the qrt final, saturday arvo, I'm in crap from the wife for taking photos all day, but decide to stay out on the sandbank waste deep in water to get up close with the noseriders.... I would have paid money it was that good to watch.... it was raining, windy and I'm sure people thought me & the Japanese photographer who were out there were nuts, but we had a ball, and then the final, same place, next day, no rain, Harrison pics off the only 3 or 4 great waves of the entire final and racks up some ridiculous amount of tip time, see bottom pic from final.... a pleasure watching him surf.... just wished I would have been lucky enough to capture some shots from the water with him on the outer points.... maybe next year!


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