Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jordie, Scotty & BJ come to town

Jordie, BJ and Scotty Wintle paid Cronullafornia a visit this morning on
their trek to Noosa, dropping of Jake's George Rice Old mal that he purchased from Vico as well as a new HP that has the most insane "Day of The Dead" artwork courtesy of Connie on it
( I'll post a pic up of that later ).
As is the case normally when Jordie comes to town he is greeted with ripples to ride, and today was no different. Beautiful morning and water like a council paddling pool ... too warm!
The boys shared and sampled some of the North Cronulla Kiosks finest brekky & brew, before continuing their journey north. See you boys again in Noosa late next week... YEW!
BJ soaking up the morning sun after a long drive
Peelers for Jordie
Jake familiarising himself with George Rice
Scotty Cross Steppin on a High Tide Log

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