Friday, February 11, 2011


Well.... what do I say.... our first trip to Voodoo... to surf , shoot , even look at it.... SICKKKKK!
Jake was psyched to hit it with Cookie on their HP's. We had to listen to some METAL on the way out there to really fire him up! haha
Cookie was carving, Jake was picking most of the ones in between the sets, although he took one bomb, with a face more than twice his height, hit some chop and came a cropper... ouch...
face plant.... good learning curve for him out there. Dad was pretty nervous for his boy!
The guy on the shorty in shot 1 was carve(ing), Matt Whyte , Carve Director was picking off all of the sets... and shot 3, well what can I say, Ox rips wherever he surfs, be it Shoes, Voodoo, The Island... everywhere!
There's some shots of Jako but he wants to pick his one out, and as he worked till 10 last night he didnt get the chance to have a look... I'll post it soon enough!
I'll get a better angle next time I'm there... was time limited so couldn't walk too far...

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