Friday, January 14, 2011

No Surf....

for possibly 6-12 months... thats what i'm looking at ... after dislocating my shoulder surfing at Werri a week ago. I had a reconstruction 9 years ago and have most certainly damaged the repair, meaning more surgery and a lengthy recovery before being able to surf again.
I'm trying to look at this as a positive for my photography, as I'll have plenty of time prior and post op to shoot up and down the coast, starting down south this weekend.
Jake is away in Vico with Jordie for the next 12 days so I'm flying solo... Logging at the not so secret spot will be the order of the day on sat with a nice little reef attracting some ENE swell on the cards for Sunday... Hit me up on 0405 385 719 if you're down Shellharbour way...


  1. all the best mate. selfishly looking forward to some sick shots though!!

  2. Thanks Russ.... eyeing off some new gear too... I'm telling my wife its therapy! ha