Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Trip . . . . .

4am start saw me arrive at Sea Life Matt's place with the Van loaded with logs, ready for a trip south to The Farm in anticipation of a great morning's surf. We collected Stu & we were off.
On arrival at the Farm we were greeted with some sweet 2-3 footers and the odd bigger one. It was a little bumpy at first but after an hour it cleaned up beautifully and we were left with perfect lefts and rights in the middle of the beach. Ideal conditions for MJ to snap a few off of us and then join us for some fun on his fish.

We departed The Farm at 10.00 or so and with a quick stop at a bakery in Albion park made the dash home so I could grab some lunch with Raylene. A great steak at the Intersection Tavern & then it was off to the Northern Beaches to Raised By Wolves for a spot of shopping and then an after work session with Matt Chojnacki at Long Reef. Matt is stoked all the time and it certainly rubbed off on Jake as they scored some not so perfect, but highly enjoyable peelers into the early evening. They were both "Shredding" and making it look way better than I thought it was.

What a Day....

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