Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fishing on Grand Final Day

Waking to another morning of dust blanketting the city, we hit up Wanda at 5.30 am to score a left hand bank to share with just 1 other guy for the first hour. 4 fin fly fishin fun.
Some fun ones to be had before the strong onshore kicked in when I traded my spot in the lineup for a posi behind the lens.
Great start to the weekend. Off south this arvo after swinging by Hardly Normals to pick up my new HD Camcorder, on the proviso that Raylene lets me.
AFL Grand Final later today, hope the Saints get up for my cuz Stewart in Vico.

1 comment:

  1. OK, back in the swing after 4 days flat on my back heaving.....lost 12kg though !

    Hopefully hit it tmrw....look forward to seeing some shot's from the weekend - Tam drove me to Sharkies for a salt water fix for my lungs y'day arvo and it was epic.

    Gotta catch up next weekend bro.